The results from Town Meeting 2023 are as follows: Jerod Glover was elected to a three-year seat on the select board, over incumbent Jack Helm. Glover received 176 votes and Helm received 104 votes.

Thomas Bartholomew and Linda Swarm Peltier were elected to one-year seats on the select board over incumbents John Hill and Ron Stewart Jr. Swarm Peltier received 205 votes, Bartholomew received 197 votes, Hill received 80 votes and Stewart Jr. received 60 votes.

Article 2, asking voters to approve an expenditure of $433,690 for the General Fund Budget, $278,303 of which shall be raised by taxes, was defeated at Town Meeting by a vote of 64-22.

The highway budget, with an expenditure of $799,270 for repair and maintenance of town highways, $538,944 of which shall be raised by taxes, was also defeated at Town Meeting by a vote of 63-21.

All other articles passed.

The results of the Slate Valley Unified School District voting are as follows: Article 7 passed by a vote of 1,365-593. Article 8 passed by a vote of 1,118-841. Benson will also be represented by a new school board director Karina Jutzi.

An update will be posted here after the new select board reorganization, once a date for a future special meeting and re-vote for defeated items is determined.

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