NOTE: Minutes of all public meetings are matters of public record, are kept by the town clerk, and are available for inspection by any person within 5 calendar days from the date of any meeting. Any documentation referred to in the meeting minutes is included in the files kept by the town clerk and accessible by the public.

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Other Documents

Planning Commission

Benson Village Center Designation (renewed 5/2023)

Benson Town Plan (adopted 12/2017)

Town Reports Benson Vermont


Voter Forms

Voter Registration Form (fill out and bring to Town Clerk)

Absentee Ballot Request Form (fill out and bring to Town Clerk)

Archived Documents

2023 Past Agendas | Warnings

SB Agenda 12/26/2023

SB Agenda SPECIAL 12/18/2023

SB Agenda 12/11/2023

SB Agenda SPECIAL 12/4/2023

SB Agenda 11/27/2023

South Lake Champlain Basin Water Quality Council Agenda 11/21/2023

SB Agenda 11/13/2023

BFD Warning / Agenda 11/08/2023

Auditors’ Warning / Agenda 11/07/2023

SB Agenda 10/30/2023

Planning Commission Warning / Agenda 10/25/2023

SB Agenda 10/16/2023

BFD Warning / Agenda 10/11/2023

SB Agenda 10/2/2023

SB Agenda 9/18/2023

Library Agenda 9/14/2023

BFD Warning / Agenda 9/13/2023

SB Agenda 9/5/2023

BCA Warning | Agenda 9/5/2023

SB Agenda 8/21/2023

BFD Warning | Agenda 8/16/2023

SB Agenda 8/14/2023 SPECIAL

Library Agenda 8/10/2023

SB Agenda 8/7/2023

BFD Warning | Agenda 7/12/2023

SB Agenda 7/24/2023

SB Agenda 7/17/2023 SPECIAL

SB Agenda 7/10/2023

BFD Warning | Agenda 6/21/2023 SPECIAL

SB Agenda 6/26/2023

Library Agenda 6/15/2023

BFD Warning | Agenda 6/14/2023

SB Agenda 6/12/2023

Benson Fire Department Warning 5/17/2023 (5/10 meeting cancelled due to lack of quorum)

SB Agenda 5/30/2023

Special Town Meeting 5/27/23

SB Agenda 5/22/2023 (Special)

SB Agenda 5/15/2023

SB Agenda 5/8/2023 (Special)

Planning Commission Agenda 5/3/2023

SB Agenda 5/1/2023

SB Agenda 4/24/2023 (Special)

SB Agenda 4/17/2023

SB Agenda 4/10/2023 (Special)

Library Agenda 4/6/2023

SB Agenda 4/3/2023

Planning Commission Agenda 3/29/2023

Planning Commission Agenda 3/22/2023

SB Agenda 3/20/2023

Trustee of Public Funds Agenda 3/22/2023

Planning Commission Agenda 3/22/2023

SB Agenda 3/13/2023 (Special)

SB Agenda 3/6/2023

SB Agenda 2/22/2023 (Special)

SB Agenda 2/21/2023

SB Agenda 2/13/2023 (Special)

237th Benson Annual Town Meeting Warning 2023

Slate Valley Unified School Warning 2023

SB Agenda 2/6/2023

SB Agenda 1/30/2023 (Special)

2022 Select Board Minutes
Candidates for office (Past)

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