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High Speed Internet for Benson. Your response is needed by Tues. January 10, 2023.
There is $1,863,000 allocated to Benson, based on addresses that are underserved on internet speed (less than 25 mbps download and 3 mbps upload). This amount is based on the Connectivity Data study done by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC has compiled a list of each address in Benson and the internet connection speed available at that address. The report from the FCC shows that 183 street addresses in Benson have internet speeds of 25/3 or faster, out of 660 addresses. The Selectboard believes there may be many addresses listed in Benson as having a minimum of 100/100 or 25/3 internet connections, BUT actually have slower connections, with many addresses having speeds less than 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload. Correcting these errors will result in an increase in the funding allocated for Benson to provide high speed internet service to every address in town.

You can help the town get more funding for high-speed internet service by taking a few minutes to verify the speed of your service.


If your address shows that you have 25/3 or 100/100 internet connection speed, please re-check the speed on your computer. Go to (Speed test by Ookla) and click on Go. A speedometer like dial will appear and your test will run. Your internet speed test result will appear in the center of the page down a little from the top as DOWNLOAD mbps # and UPLOAD mbps #. If possible, print the speed test results to a PDF file and email the file to with your name and address OR If you can’t print the page, type the test results and your address in your email and send it to the Selectboard assistant.

If you don’t have the connection speed stated next to your address, call Go Net Speed at 877 283 8108 and ask how to upgrade to the speed listed. Note that Go Net Speed will charge you for upgrading your service. If the speed next to your address is not available, email and advise us that the speed stated at your address on the FCC report is not correct (and what speed is available at your address from Go Net Speed). Be sure to note the date and time you spoke with Go Net Speed and the name of the person you spoke with (if available).

You can also dispute your connection speed directly with FCC using the link below. Please let the Selectboard know if you are disputing your connection directly with FCC.

If your address is listed as being “underserved” but you have high speed internet service, email and tell us the speed of your service and who the provider is.

If you have questions, call Selectboard member, John Hill at 802 537 2976 (before 8PM). Let’s work together to bring high speed internet to Benson in the next two years. Thank you for your help.

If you choose to (also) use the FCC map, the link to that is at the end of this post. You can click on the “Availability Challenge” for instance, if you don’t have a good southern-facing location for Hughes Net, you can click on that provider and dispute availability. Or, if you don’t have the speed that Gonetspeed/Otelco (listed as Future Fiber FinCo, LLC) says you should, you can choose that button and dispute it. This may help the state of Vermont to receive more federal funding.

Here is the link to the map:

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